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Personal Information
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About your organization
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General Information
How would you rate the general attitude of your institution towards GDPR and the Swiss Data Protection Act?
Which statement best describes Data Protection-related initiatives at your organisation?
In case of completed, ongoing or planned Data Protection-related initiatives, which were the focus areas?
How would you rate the intensity of client requests related to GDPR and/or Swiss Data Protection (How does the bank protect my data? What data do you store in relation to me? Please delete my data.)?
Risk Appetite
What is the risk appetite of your organisation in relation to GDPR and/or Swiss-Data Protection Act?
Data Subject Rights
All personal data held by our organisation is handed out to customers when requested.
Our organisation can handle data subject requests in an ordered, structured and timely manner.
To handle Subject Access Requests there is a cost-efficient and automated process.
Breach Notification processes that comply with the GDPR are in place.
System Readiness: Control over Data Retention and Data Flows
We have a clear picture of what personal data is stored in which systems.
We have a clear picture of the data flows within, across and out- of our company.
User Access to systems containing personal and sensitive data is specifically and continuously controlled.
Historical data is deleted regularly so we do not hold data of closed customers for longer than required for regulatory reasons.
Our organisation has implemented a pan-application data deletion concept e.g. with cascading of deletion request files.
Purposeful processing, Marketing Preferences and Privacy Culture
For all personal and sensitive data that we store and process there is a legal basis and a clear purpose documented.
Our organisation is profiling customers only when consent has been collected.
Marketing campaigns respect customer opt-in/out preferences.
Ongoing and future projects are guaranteed to implement data protection by design and by default.