Our «foQus»

Relevance. Expertise. Skill.


abaQon offers know-how and experience on some of banking’s most relevant areas of development. We feature them as our foQus topics with an end-to-end service offering, a proven track record and a clear opinion.


Digital sales

Web and e-mail channels offer both opportunities and risks for a sales organization. We know how to carry out and evaluate digital campaigns in a target-oriented manner and seamlessly integrated with core banking systems. In this context, addressing customers individually at the right time is of decisive importance.


{api} BankinG

Even outside regulatory initiatives such as PSD2, APIs are rapidly finding their way into the IT architecture of banks. We can draw on practical experience in implementing the Open Banking API standard and provide hands-on support in areas such as API management, stress testing and monitoring.


Data Protection

The DSGVO and V-DSG significantly raise the bar for data protection. We support the implementation of regulatory requirements in the design of new processes, analysis of applications, administration of consents or in the implementation of the "right to be forgotten" pursuant to Art. 17 DSVGO or Art. 5 Para. 4 V-DSG.

Read the conclusions out of our latest study on Swiss Banking’s data protection readiness on LinkedIn


Client Lifecycle ManagemenT (CLM)

Regulatory requirements and new channels (self-service, tablet, etc.) add complexity but also offer opportunities to increase efficiency in the process of customer onboarding and management. With the abaQon-CLM abstraction model, complexity can be broken down into its business components and technological requirements. This abstraction helps the customer to define the target solution, taking all requirements into account, especially when a new CLM solution is being built or evaluated. abaQon supports the customer from product decision to implementation and integration into the core banking system.


Bonus: Project Turnaround Management

Despite the triumphal march of agile project methods, IT projects continue to stand out reliably because they deliver later and more expensive than originally planned. From various rescue missions for projects in trouble, we developed a turnaround methodology, the success of which has been proven several times.